Rebecca Robinson lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her mountain-loving husband, three children, and their shaggy dog. A largely self-taught artist, Rebecca has always been fascinated by color and texture and has studied art independently for as long as she can remember, starting with an ever-growing collection of prints and books about the great Impressionists as a young child. 

Her paintings are heavily textured and known for a richly layered quality achieved with brushes and palette knives, both on canvas and wood. She believes that each layer - seen and unseen - contributes to the overall depth, weight, and complexity of the finished product. Her paintings are inspired by life’s purest moments: children playing, animals grazing, southern landscapes, village life, and her own childhood memories spent in a small Kentucky town, running through the neighborhood with friends and waking early to "ride the range" along with her grandfather on his cattle farms.

"My hope is that my art brings the viewer a sense of peace... that it creates in her space to process the reality of her true home and to feel grounded in something real."  ~Rebecca